Disc harrow vs plow

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Taylor Pittsburgh’s 670 Offset Disc Harrow is the result of proven, field tested engineering to give you precision performance in a variety of applications. This heavy duty Harrow is ideal for light and heavy field tillage, firebreak cutting and many orchard applications. The offset design enables maximum penetration and even tillage of soil.

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Feb 15, 2010. #2. A plow is used to work the soil deep, a harrow can then be used to make it fine and to smooth out the surface. If a field (or garden) has been worked before, a harrow may be all you need rather than to plow and harrow.

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I think he is doing about 2-3 passes with the disc. The field looks just like mine do after I plow, disc, and drag harrows around the field. The big advantage I see is that he covers about 12 ft per pass. My 3 furrow plow is much slower, and only covers about 4 ft at a time. I am using a 3pth 8 ft disc, with smooth discs.The correct term for a 'disc' is a 'disc harrow'. It is designed to cut and break up the large lumps and clods of soil that has been turned by the plow. Sometimes, depending on the soil type, the plowing may be omitted and only the disc used to cut and loosen the soil for planting. It's still not technically 'plowing'.

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